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CBD For ASD & ADHD In Children.

We often hear of CBD to help manage various chronic conditions, pain, mental health issues and more.  What about CBD for children who suffer from ADHD and autism? 

Could this be the way to help manage the symptoms that come with these conditions?

CBD is known for it’s healing properties without the high.  Many parents find this option appealing for treatment as it’s natural, doesn’t come with adverse effects, and has a plethora of positive benefits that’ll aid in treating the symptoms that come with these conditions. 

Many parents have been fighting tirelessly to be able to give their children CBD to help manage the symptoms that come with autism and ADHD. 

 It has been shown that both these conditions display some of the same symptoms such as restlessness, outbursts, irritability, and sleep conditions. 

Though they display similarities, both disorders are distinctly different. There is research being conducted into how CBD can be beneficial to children with these disorders and this gives many parents hope for their children. 

What is Autism?

Autism or Autism spectrum disorder ( ASD) is a condition that’s characterized by difficulties with nonverbal communication, social behaviours, repetitive behaviours, speech difficulties, but it also comes with unique strengths and differences.  It is now known that there is no one type of Autism, but a spectrum with different genetic and environmental combinations. 

Did you know in a 2018 national Canadian survey, 1 in every 66 children is on the autism spectrum in Canada? 

Autism is typically diagnosed between the ages of 2 -3 but early signs can appear as soon as the child is 18months of age. Some delays in developmental progress can be detected and diagnosed earlier as well.  

Autism comes with other medical problems such as Gastrointestinal disorders, sleep disturbances, seizures, ADHD, phobias and anxiety. 

What is ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADHD is themost commonly diagnosedmental disorder in children. This condition is more common in boys than girls and is discovered in the early years of school due to lack of focus, hyperactivity, and no impulse control.  This disorder is more easily diagnosed in boys due to their symptoms being more predominant such as anger and impulse controls. It’s been shown in girls that ADHD presents itself as a more shy and withdrawn symptom. 


ADHD is a chronic mental disorder and scientists aren’t 100% sure on the exact causes, it does tend to run in families. ADHD is not caused by bad parenting, too much sugar, lack of discipline, or the childing acting out “ on purpose “.  Children with this condition are not acting out and often have a hard time completing tasks, remaining calm, and following directions. 

How can CBD help Autism?

In Isreal, there is research into CBD and how it affects children with ASD. 

After receiving the license from the Israeli Ministry of Health, Parents were advised under the guidance of a Nurse practitioner oral cannabis drops to administer to their children.

The data is limited, they’ve studied four different groups of behaviours associated with ASD such as hyperactivity, sleeplessness, anxiety, and self-injury.  53 children were selected for this and were administered CBD and THC for 66 days approximately. 

These changes were recorded.


  • Hyperactivity symptoms  improved in 68.4%, did not change in 28.9% and worsened in 2.6%
  • Self-injury and rage attack improved by 67.6% and worsened by 8.8%.
  • Sleep problems improved by 71.4% and worsened in 4.7%.
  • Anxiety improved in 47.1% and worsened in 23.5%.

Gathering from this study, we can conclude that CBD would be beneficial to help manage many of the symptoms that come with Autism, This could lead to the lowering of dosages of various medications for sleep and mood disorders. 

Oral Cannabidiol Use in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder to Treat Related Symptoms and Co-morbidities


There is very little research done into the effects of CBD on ADHD for children, but many parents are using CBD to help manage their children’s conditions.  Much of what is available for information stems from studying the whole cannabis flower and how it affects the body, as opposed to the isolated CBD compound.

What we do know is that CBD can help reduce anxiety and agitation, two symptoms predominant in ADHD. It can also help improve sleep disorders which are common in ADHD as well.

All research that has been reported is vastly personal accounts and cannot be considered concrete evidence to support the statement that CBD does indeed help improve ADHD.

Some parents have reported a change in their children, while others report no change. 

Currently, there is no evidence to back this up and with future research, there could be the potential for this to be thoroughly studied.


Though the research is extremely limited and still evolving. We can gather from this that CBD has the major potential to be a great supplement added to your child’s life. Especially those suffering from the negative effects that come with ADHD and ASD. Talking to your child’s healthcare provider before starting any CBD is also strongly encouraged and recommended, as some medications can react with CBD.

When looking for a CBD option for your child look for a safe and reliable source. HydratedLeaf carries a plethora of safe and reliable CBD products in Canada. All their CBD is sourced in Canada from non-GMO Hemp and is tested in a third-party lab for quality assurance. These products are safe for children’s consumption as there is no THC in them.  

CBD is the future of our medical world and as more research is conducted, the more we will learn and gain from this plant.