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Thankfully, we live in a time and place where we have pretty good access to get whatever we may need or want, and in many cases, online shopping is currently the only option. The good news is you still have the option to shop online and local. We've rounded up some amazing local Canadian shops, who are in the business of making sure you feel your best.

First up, let's care for your senses. How you feel, what you're tasting, and what you're smelling can make a big difference in your daily life. Especially during a big change or if you're feeling unwell, getting down to the basics can be a great place to start.

If you're missing your daily tea latte on your way into the office, we have the perfect online tea shop to check out. Whether you’re a tea fanatic, or just looking for something cozy to relax with between snacks, check out Camila Tea. This Canadian company has the scoop on amazing small-batch teas straight from the beautiful fields of India. A true farm to mug teas, ranging from black to oolong. You can start with a single taster, or steep in the variety of their carefully curated collections that include multiple flavours at a stellar price. Treat yourself to the thrill of the exotic right in your own home (since you might be there a while). Whether you are a hard-core tea lover or just looking for a warm mug of something new and delicious, Camila Tea has you covered and can deliver right to your door.

Camila Tea, Canadian tea company

For those that are feeling sick, stressed, or even just wide awake from constant screen time – look no further. Hydrated Leaf offers you a range of CBD hemp-infused waters and bath products to soothe your body and nerves. You have a choice of a simple CBD infused water to sip at your leisure, or you can spring for a CBD shot that gives you a little more dosage control. The shots mix really nicely into tea, water or juice. These products help with sleep, pain relief, and anxiety. They are easy on your wallet, body and mind. Skip the dispensary trip and have these delivered right to your door.

Hydrated Leaf, Canadian CBD company

Another amazing product available these days to help with any flu-like aches and pains or just levelling up your relaxation, is a CBD infused bath bomb! We, like you, love an all-natural product, like a residue-free bath bomb. For this, check out Sea Foam Bath & Body. You get an all-natural experience and receive all the CBD benefits while soaking up to your chin in the tub. It's the perfect before bed wind down in these uncertain and often stressful times.

Seafoam Bath and Body, Canadian CBD batm bombs

For those that aren’t excited about diving into the bathtub, you may be looking for something that's equally relaxing. There's never been a more perfect time to enjoy all that aromatherapy has to offer, especially now that we're spending so much time at home. Neal’s Yard Remedies will lead you down the garden path to paradise. On their website, you can search based on wellbeing or effect so you’ll feel confident about your selections. Another notable highlight on Neal’s Yard Remedies website is the perfectly curated gift section. Maybe you feel inspired to send a little something to a family member or friend that you're missing or to a front line worker to thank them for all they do, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Neals Yard Remedies

Next, let’s think of your mind. Having to stay home and be in the same environment with the same people watching endless shows on Netflix, you might be ready for a little variety; enter books! Lucky for you, we know the perfect little local online bookstore that is full of great reads and lots of charm: Books and Nooks. This online book shop gives you the comfort of stopping in at your favourite cozy book store post-Saturday brunch. A carefully and wisely selected collection in each of the essential book realms from classics to young adult fiction to personal development, a personal favourite of ours right now when stress and anxiety can be at an all-time high. Pick out something to stimulate and comfort your mind, and perhaps top off your purchase with a little colourful trinket or happiness journal. The books are very reasonably priced, ringing in far below some bigger chains, so springing for a little something extra may be in the cards! 

Books and Nooks

Along with completely self-isolating, another great way to stay healthy during this coronavirus pandemic is to plan ahead for your health. Building up immunity and doing everything you can to stay really healthy right now is so important. One of the ways you can boost immunity is with spirulina from SpiraVeg. For those who are new to spirulina, it's a microalga that is packed full of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and essential amino acids. The best part is that it's completely odourless and tasteless so you can add it to your smoothies, juice, or your favourite pesto sauce without even noticing any difference. They carry various options for ordering and shipping (including group discounts!). Folks in Calgary have the option for delivery and if you don't live in Calgary, you can order online.

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Last but not least, let’s consider a little heart and soul care. Times of change, uncertainty and illness can cause all sorts of emotions and feelings to bubble up unexpectedly. A quick visit to The Divine Mine will provide you with many avenues for exploring how you feel now, how you wish to stay motivated and can even provide a magical break from the news. Check out everything from crystals to candles, to tarot card readings. They are currently offering services online, and products that can be shipped (free in Alberta!). Whether you are searching for some real comfort and answers, a tranquil Himalayan salt lamp, or want to try something new, The Divine Mine is a treasure trove ready to be explored! 

Divine Mine, Gemstone STore in Canada
  • Wellness looks different for everyone. But, as we all move forward with what life is throwing our way (aka coronavirus), these great local Canadian shops have everything you need to stay well, stay happy, and keep on keepin’ on like Canadians do best.