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Our clear and odorless CBD water takes hydration and wellness to a new level! It is infused with 3mg of nano-encapsulated hemp oil extract (equivalent to 30mg of hemp oil), for maximum bioavailability. This is a great way to introduce CBD into your daily routine while keeping you super hydrated and refreshed throughout the day.


purified water by reverse osmosis & ozonation, nano-encapsulated CBD from organic hemp, may contain traces of coconut oil.

Water, elevated.

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Customer Reviews

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Not your average water

I really loved this water- more than I anticipated. I loved the subtle flavour, and as someone that never drinks enough water, this is an awesome way to get me too!

Great 👍

I’ve been really loving the effects of hydrationleaf water. The only downside I’ve noticed is that I can taste a funny aftertaste when I drink it. Other than that it’s amazing and really helps with my anxiety. I’ve also noticed a difference in my sleep.

Thanks for your feedback, Jamie. We're so happy to hear our CBD Shots are helping you sleep and easing your anxiety! We'd suggest you also try our new Apple or Grape CBD Shots, which are made with natural flavours and Stevia (leaf) extract to mask the taste of the hemp oil.

I love adding this to my new daily routine. It really helped my mood and also helped with sleep. Would for real recommend!

Hi Evah, it's amazing to hear our Hemp Infuzd H2O is working it's magic. Thanks for the love!

My husband and I are hooked on this product! We just love it and drink it daily. It really helps us and are happy to have discovered it. Thank you Hydrated Leaf!

We appreciate the 5-star review, D.B, and we're so glad the Hemp Infuzd H2O is helping you and your husband!